Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Golden Globes Fashion Report - Part 3

7:44pm - Rita Wilson typically plays Tom Hanks' plus one these days. I hope when I'm her age I will have the cajones to wear a flapper dress and look that good.

7:45pm - Slicked back hair is horrible. Hayden Panettiere and Jessica Chastain are the two I've seen so far tonight. They are so beautiful and I appreciate a fashion risk, but it just looks dirty to me.

7:51pm - Zoe Saldana is a huge risk-taker on the red carpet. She's very thin, has amazing skin and is just beautiful. Everything looks good on her. Tonight's dress is a little ridiculous though not over the top

7:52pm - Shocker - Sofia Vergara is not wearing a mermaid dress. It's a gorgeous black ball gown with an over the top bib necklace. And then she opens her mouth saying she's wearing a tent that's hiding Columbians underneath. Whatever, she looks like a princess.

 Time for the show to start!!!

Tina and Amy have both lost weight. Neither one had to but they look extremely healthy. The opening dresses are really good. Good job funny ladies!

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