Friday, August 16, 2013

Becoming Official

In 8 hours and 10 minutes, this girl will go from Bethany Joy Taylor to Bethany Joy Daneshgar. This is the before shot - teeth whiteners on, hair unbrushed and no makeup except for the smudged eyeliner under the right eye. I'm praying Nickie Brousseau, best hairdresser in the biz, can make me look a little better sometime in the next 8 hours.

Even though I'm nervous and shaky and will probably have to poop about twelve times before I see you - I love you Pedram and cannot wait to be your wife.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wedding Prep Countdown (Warning: men, read at your own risk)

Total. Nervous. Breakdown.

Last night was exactly 5 days before the wedding and I had one holy heck of a meltdown. My family and fiance have been rock stars with the planning, and they are doing their best to keep me on track yet calm. The weight of the world got to me last night though and there was just one question too many. After trying to create an amazing ceremony program that will end up in the trash after it's over, I cried uncontrollably for 2 hours. I even attempted to reach out to Ped who was being treated to a night out by his guy friends. He really did try his best to calm me down, but his mental capacity after a few drinks included throwing in comments like "nerd farts" to get me to laugh. I just wasn't in the mood. (In his defense, he also said things like " I love you" and "we'll get things done together when I get home".)

After finally falling asleep at 2am, I was woken to a tornado warning at 7am. Awesome. Needless to say, I'm a useless pile of bride today but I have a million things to do if I want everything done by tomorrow as planned.

First on the list - waxing appointment. I won't go into too much detail (though a few people received some pretty randy texts during the process as I tried to distract myself. It included words like tweezers, hooha, and russian surrounded by some other not so nice words. Sorry Kim, Tina, Megan, and Jess.) However, for those of you who have never had the pleasure, a few notes:
- the numbing cream is a crock.
- when the spa suggests the Brazilian instead, stand strong. I know you hate making decisions at this point and just want someone else to tell you what to do. But stand strong woman! Do not be duped! I was.
- as you walk out the door, everyone behind the counter now knows what you look like "down there". Vulnerability at its best.

The rest of the day includes picking up my dress, picking up the guys stuff at the cleaners, finishing the program every one will throw away, putting together welcome bags and gift bags, and finishing the favors. Ped gets here tonight and I just pray that my bridal meltdowns begin to ebb as everything gets finished so I can enjoy the next few days.

As much as I was concerned about a job search, new classes, and learning how to maintain a house, routine is looking pretty good these days. Oh and shaving.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Weddings and Pinterest: The Partnership of Unbearable Pressure

Earlier this week, I had a conversation with my sister regarding how Pinterest has changed weddings so drastically in just a couple of years. Kim was married in 2006 when most weddings followed a standard outline and you made it unique through small tweaks to that standard. She was lamenting about how much she would do differently now that there's so many more options and ideas. I, on the other hand, would have been pleased if this site did not exist during my planning phase.

The only positive aspect Pinterest has provided my wedding planning was it allowed me to go "shopping" with my bridesmaid Amanda who lived across the country. Instead of sending emails with large files, or sitting on the phone for hours trying to look at the same website at the same time, we were able to pin shoes and view them at anytime. Other than that, Pinterest has been more of a burden.

The standard wedding now is to see how unique you can be. Between Pinterest and Etsy, you too can show your guests how amazing you are! The funny thing though is those ideas have now become the ordinary. If you understand or know how Pinterest works, you will never be able to attend another shower/wedding/party with fun accents without giving credit to Pinterest instead of the person hosting the event.

I have actually avoided Pinterest for the bulk of my planning. We wanted a laid-back affair in a venue that had a little more of a garden feel than a golf club. This led to our desire to add some handmade pieces to our event. We have done what makes us happy without feeling like we are being forced to be unique. On the few times I did visit these sites, I was instantly transformed into a competitive "my wedding needs to be memorable" bride - should I make my own honey as favors? should Ped and I paint original artwork for the reception hall? should we have a life-size guestbook where everyone inkpads their hands, then makes it into a leaf, and signs their name next to the picture of them???

It's incredible how a simple website about ideas can put the pressure on a modern day bride. Our favors are a little different than normal, we aren't having floral centerpieces, and we aren't riding around in a limo. I'm proud to say that our ideas did not come from Pinterest or Etsy or any other website. They were just things we thought of on our own that will make Friday be a day about things that are important to us. We will make the day memorable, and we hope our friends and family will remember it for the amount of love that filled the day.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Portion Control

Right around this time of day (currently 2:54pm), I have the incredible urge to eat everything in our refrigerator. My current problem is I no longer sit behind a desk at a job where I only have access to food if I buy it. Being cheap often wins over my portion control issues.  Now I am spending most of my days at the house where I have a full refrigerator full of food.

Why am I telling you this? Because if I'm on here, I am not eating. I had two great days of working out, I'm getting married in 10 days, and I'm choosing to blog and drink water.

Now I have to go because Ped just got home to take me to dinner. Woohoo!!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Evolution of a Woman and her Vacuum Cleaner

This could go so many ways depending on the type of mind you have, but this really is about my new vacuum cleaner.

When Ped and I started our registry, there were a few items that we immediately decided not to include - a crockpot, a blender and a toaster come to mind. We aren't young twenty-somethings starting out with nothing, but rather a couple of old fogies who already have two blenders collecting dust in the cabinet. A vacuum cleaner did not make this list somehow. I have one from my condo; Ped has one from his apartment; the previous owners of our new home left us one here; and they all work quite well. But we still decided a new vacuum cleaner was in order for our home that is 60% hardwood floors.

Best. Decision. Ever.

This is my new Shark. It's amaze balls. Not only does it vacuum carpets, but hardwood floors and comes with about 247,938 attachments to get in all of the crevices.  I can also carry around the canister. Seriously it's like I just discovered the Internet.
Shark NV501 Vacuum, Rotator Professional Lift-Away®

This may not be the most exciting blog post I'll ever write but I felt it necessary to document my love of cleaning during the 2 weeks while this feeling actually exists. My family would be happy to tell many stories of how messy and non-clean I have always been. Dirt? What dirt? I don't see any dirt! I also know full well that once my days include classes and a job, this piece of equipment will be the bane of my existence which will be a constant argument of who should vacuum.

For now, I will promote a product for no reason other than it's the bomb-diggity. Oh and try to get rid of our old ones - anyone need a vacuum cleaner in the Delaware area?