Monday, December 16, 2013

Finding New Doctors

Moving to a new state and getting married results in multiple mundane formalities to do, many of which must be done in a hierarchical manner. For example: getting a NJ driver's license. To do so, I must have a car registered in New Jersey - which I should wait to do until I change my name - which I shouldn't do until my condo in Delaware sells - which will most likely not happen before the bank takes it over - which means waiting for an unknown period of time, possibly years. So obnoxious. (The house thing is a whole other topic that doesn't need expansion upon other than I was a victim of the housing crisis and will be happier once the condo is no longer a part of my life regardless of whether it's the bank or another owner.)

Anyway, formalities. Another one is finding new doctors. I have had the same family doctor and lady doctor for many, many years. Dr. Menaldino was my family doctor. He's kind of quirky and looks like he could play the crazy science teacher in a sitcom. He knew enough about my family to ask about them but not enough to be intrusive or make my appointments all about them. He answered my questions, prescribed what was necessary, and followed up enough to meet my needs. Dr. Smith was my lady doctor. She was gentle and polite, but all about business. I don't need my lady doctor being all up in my business any more than she already was literally all up in my business, so it was a great fit for me.

So what to do when finding a new one? In a state where you don't know anyone to get suggestions? I've heard so many horror stories about bad doctors and reading reviews online is pretty much the best way to figure out who sucks. The last thing I wanted to do was doctor shop too. I'm healthy and really only go for annual preventative appointments. Do I just try a different person each year? That is the LAST thing I wanted to do.

Enter: divine intervention. Ped got a suggestion about a family doctor from a colleague. There will be no doctor shopping here! The staff is so nice and I could actually see myself becoming friends with the young nurses! They don't push pills, which we love, and they wanted to know EVERYTHING about our past medical history. For Ped's scientific brain and my need for logical explanations, we need someone who finds conclusions based off of educated and fact-based hypotheses.

Finally, I was referred to a lady doctor by a woman who I worked with at Pier 1 for about 2 days - just long enough for her to recommend someone. I was a little hesitant to go to a male doctor, but it wasn't as strange as I was expecting i.e he talked about soccer the whole time so as to keep my attention averted. The idea of being pregnant is a scary thing, but when you walk out of a doctor's office feeling safe and confident that everyone there will take care of you when the time comes, it's uber satisfying. (note: not pregnant)

Hey Delawareans, if you are looking for new doctors, see if Dr. Stephen Menaldino (family practice through Christiana Care) or Dr. Kirsten Smith (ob-gyn) are accepting new patients. I highly recommend....and they're down one patient as of this year.