Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 Golden Globes Fashion Report - Part 1

I LOVE red carpet dresses. Looking back, I truly think it is the reason I felt so drawn to fashion when deciding on my undergrad degree. It's also one of the main reason I've always wanted to be famous, simply to have multiple opportunities to wear amazing creations we call red carpet apparel.

Running dialogue of tonight's red carpet:

7:07pm - Margot Robbins' dress is ridiculous. It's totally sexy without any ounce of overt, in your face, sex. I can't handle the white with the sparkle. Can't handle. Add her flawless tan and perfectly done makeup and hair (no roots thank God), and I'm obsessed.

7:13pm - Bradley Cooper. So hot. So so so so hot.

7:15pm - They just showed Olivia Wilde's head. She is the epitome of beauty in my opinion but has some interesting fashion choices at times. Now that she's preggo, I'm totally excited to see her maternity style....let's go E!

7:18pm - Heidi Klum's boobs don't fit into her dress. Again. And she's wearing a choker. And got bangs. Hmmm.....

7:18pm - What is Sophia Vergara wearing around her neck? Because I want one.

7:19pm - I'm pretty sure I like Julia Roberts' and Emma Watson's outfits, but I'm not 100% sure if I should. Too casual for the Golden Globes? (Like I've been there and have a right to judge)

(Commercial. Thank God, I have to pee.)

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