Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The word "housewife" is an interesting word. Back in the 50's*, it was the job most women held. They were responsible for taking care of the house, taking care of the kids, and taking care of their husband. In 2013, the word housewife more commonly conjures up an image of a reality show personality who spends her days going to lunch, shopping, and flipping tables in restaurants at a family get-together.

In reality - like real reality, not TV reality - what is a housewife? My goal is to somehow figure out how it applies to me over the next few years. I won't bore you by reliving how I got here in this post (see: About Me section), but this is a new venture and I intend to live it to the fullest - both the good days and the bad.

Right now, I'm in full-on wedding planning mode so the new housewife lessons are only creeping up randomly, especially since half of my time is still spent in Delaware. That doesn't mean the questions aren't running through my head though:

Am I allowed to go to the gym while my husband is working? At what point will we fall into our roles a little more comfortably? Since I'm in charge of the inside (he's in charge of the outside), am I expected to do everything or is it ok that I ask him to pick up his towel of beard shavings? Should I be scrubbing floors and vacuuming and weeding all day everyday? WILL I BE FLIPPING TABLES AT FAMILY EVENTS SOON TOO??? I mean, I am a Jersey girl now. 

I'm so used to an unbalanced life at a full time job that going to the gym fills me with guilt. I'm so used to spending what little free time I have with friends and family instead of doing housework, that spending that time with them now leaves me feeling like I'm not accomplishing anything.

I'm looking forward to more of a routine once we return home from the honeymoon, but I do not expect it to be easy as I begin school and working part-time. Until then, here's to TV housewives who make it look easy and actual housewives who know that it's not!

*This is not a researched fact but more an assumption based on all of those televisions shows. Oh, and those awful etiquette books that my bridesmaids so graciously spread around my bridal shower.