Thursday, November 21, 2013

Wearing Pants

What is a girl to do when her absolute favorite thing to wear is also her husband's most hated item in her closet? What could possibly be so bad that I would suggest he hates them? My sweatpants.

Because when I say "my sweatpants", I mean the one and only pair I own. The 3-sizes-too-big/paint-stained/too-short sweatpants. I LOVE THESE PANTS. All day, I pay attention to my posture and suck in to pretend I still have my perfectly flat 20-something stomach. When I get home, it feels so amazing to put on a pair of pants that have no suction to my body. They really are horrendous though and I have begun to feel bad that I'm subjecting my husband to such a complete potato sack of at home fashion so early in our marriage.

But what are my other options?

I, like most women my age, have a nice selection of yoga pants - a couple full length, a couple cropped pants, all black with one or two of them having a touch of color. They are awesome options on Saturday errand days when putting on a waistband just ain't happening; on overnight visits to others homes when it would just be inappropriate to put regular pj's on prior to 5pm; and on that day or two during the month where I pretend it's the start of my new exercise routine (until I start again next month). However, yoga pants aren't my fave. They are made out of stretchy material and often conform to my body (as they are supposed to) rather than giving me the soft, flowy, breathable feeling I'm looking for when I'm just chilling.

Other than yoga pants though, I've been unsuccessful in finding another pair of casual pants that are both comfortable and would fit me well enough to get a thumbs up from Ped. Women in general have a hard time buying pants. Even the smallest of us have bumps and curves in unexpected places that may not fit into our "normal" size or make the crotch of a pant sit at your knees or leave a gap the size of the Atlantic at the waist. A lot of us have big (enough) booties and small (enough) waists that standard sizes just don't fit right.  My biggest issue has always been having pants fit my thighs while still sitting okay on my waist. This is a HUGE problem with sweatpants because most are snug at the thighs then have enough material at the crotch where I could incubate a baby kangaroo. Until now.

I just received a pair of sweatpants from Old Navy that had been given a 4% chance of working, but earned a 100% upon arrival. The waistband is loose enough where it feels secure but doesn't feel tight at all; there's plenty of room in the thigh area; they are uber soft; and bonus! they're long! If you have pant problems like me, here's the link:

Women's Fleece Sweatpants

I bought the Blue Corsica ones which are really cute in person. I typically don't wear bright pants given the general size of my bottom half, so I'm not sure what drove me to this color, but even that is awesome. It is Old Navy so each pant may be cut a little differently, and some larges may be more snug than other larges. Either way, I highly recommend for us fat-bottomed girls and will probably be indulging in another pair at some point in the future. Old Navy has a million coupon codes and sales throughout the holidays so don't pay full price. I got mine with a 35% off coupon and ended up paying $12.35.

Ped hasn't seen them yet but I'm pretty sure he'll be wanting to burn my old pair in lieu of these ones!

(This isn't some sponsored post - mostly because I have no idea how that would work. I'm just trying to look out for my girls. However, Old Navy, if you're reading this (which you're not) and you want to hook a girl up with some free pants, I have no shame in taking them.)

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