Saturday, November 2, 2013

I Have a Job!!

It's been a difficult few months for me in the job area. Before moving from Delaware, I was working as an Investment Advisor with a team of people whom I called family for eight years. I felt I was on a good career path that could have resulted in a pretty high salary. When it was time for me to move, I had to decide whether this would be my career for the long haul or if there was something else out there for me. After a lot of discussions with the hubs, and a lot of prayer, we decided that my current job would give us financial freedom, but the stress and ill feelings I had for the career in general was not worth it.

Thus my enrollment in school and my search for a part-time job began. Fast forward through September and still unemployed. I was doing my best to maintain our household and submerge myself in schoolwork, but I was having a hard time finding complete happiness with that lifestyle alone. After 8 years of earning a salary and being financially dependent, how does one just stop and rely on someone else so completely? Ped did his best to keep my spirits up and never pressured me but I needed to find something else to do.

Soooo....I have a job!!! Well, actually I have two but wanted to wait until I was secure in both before posting anything.

First, I'm working as a math instructor about 6 hours a week. I'm going to school to become a teacher and this has been my first experience actually teaching/tutoring students. The kids are between 2nd and 12th grade and complete a curriculum based on their individual assessments. We also assist with homework and studying for upcoming exams if needed.

The first day was uber intimidating. A lot of the students are working on fractions and percents (along with multiplication and division). The very first question I got though was "would I use the Pythagoream Theorem for this?". What? Where's the "I don't understand 1/2 times 1/2" question??? I'm on week 4 now and appreciate the refresher of basic math skills so much. I really do love being here and seeing the look on the kids' faces when the finally understand a concept that's been eluding them.

Second, meet your newest Pier1 Sales Associate! I'm back to my retail roots and am enjoying it immensely. Mostly because the products we're selling are AMAZE BALLS! Seriously, think about how you feel when walking around a Pier1 store. Now imagine being there multiple hours a week and knowing you get an employee discount. (It doesn't help that Ped's first reaction to my hiring was "when can we start shopping?") I have been good though and haven't bought anything after my first three days.

I feel great about getting out of the house and contributing at least a little to the household income.  There may even be opportunities to do more at these places once the new year starts but I'm not thinking too much about that right now.

(FYI if we buy you a present at any point during the year, you can just assume it will be from Pier 1. Just a head's up.)

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