Friday, November 22, 2013

Be Nice

Seriously, just be nice.

I did not feel like working last night. It was one of those "I'll be here but I'm not going to try hard" type of days. Immediately after I got to Pier, a woman needed some input on gifts for her sisters. In my head "I don't know them so what do you want from me? [insert scowl here]"; out of my mouth, "sure let's look at the candles! [insert big smile here]" Twenty minutes later, we had put together a tray of candle holders, votives and ornaments for each of them. The excitement was so apparent on this woman's face, it made my mood turn a little better.

The next customers were just browsing but with one specific item in mind. Of course it's the one thing we no longer carry in the store, which I realized after spending 30 minutes searching for it in between helping other customers. Mood slightly dampened. Mood even more dampened when, another half hour later and after they had left, I find what they were looking for on the clearance rack. Soooo annoying.

Until I turned the corner and there they were!!!! They hadn't left yet!!! It ended up not being what they had remembered and they didn't want it, but I was just happy that I had found the darn thing. I actually thanked them for helping me learn and find something new.

One of the women looked at me kind of stunned and told me I was a great salesperson. Let me just note that I am NOT a great salesperson. I can help and teach and advise, but sell? Nossomuch. But it was her next comment that got me: "You're so nice". She didn't appreciate me because I helped her find a product; she appreciated me simply because I was nice to her.

So lesson to me, lesson to you. It's the holidays. I know it can be stressful. But seriously, just be nice. It may make their day better but it will definitely make your day better.

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