Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our First Halloween

After living in apartments/condos for the past 7 and 12 years (me and Ped, respectively), we were pretty excited to experience Halloween in our house. House = lots of spooky decorations and trick-or-treaters. TRICK OR TREATERS, PEOPLE!!

A synopsis of our first Halloween:
  • Spooky decorations consisted of gravestones and pumpkins in the garden and a handmade foam skeleton thingy on the front door. We didn't even pull ourselves together enough to put costumes on. I promise we'll do better next year. 
  • New Jersey kids start trick-or-treating at noon. That's an exaggeration, but there were kids knocking on doors at 4. Apparently, there's an 8pm curfew for kids under 18. Is that normal or just a Jersey thing?
  • We had no idea whether we would get 2 kids or 40 kids so I bought enough candy for 500 kids. My last minute purchase of the 60-pack of Airheads was clutch.
  • Ped was very excited but didn't get home until 6. (We really didn't know kids started at 4.) His excitement was evidenced by his first group of kids when he said the ominous statement "Take a handful". Greedy brats acted all thankful then tried to clean us out. No joke, one girl stuck her hand in three times. Ped got them all to go away, but felt he needed to apologize to me and didn't want to do it anymore. I was proud of him though. He totally made us the cool neighbors and the kids loved him. Plus I bought a ton of candy, 'member?
  • I bought too much candy. I made a big dinner of grilled chicken and spaghetti squash in an attempt to limit the candy inhalation, but we've been noshing on Nerds/Reeses/KitKats/Whoppers/DumDums/Airheads since about 7:30. 
  • Thanks to all of your adorable kid costume posts on Facebook, my husband wants me to have a baby yesterday. So thanks for that. Really.
Bring on Thanksgiving!!!!

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