Monday, October 14, 2013

It seems the older you get, the faster time goes. There are so many milestones and events in any given year that make it seem like you go to bed on New Years Day and wake up on Christmas morning of the following year.

Now we don't have kids yet, so we can only look at our nephews and think "man, they're alot bigger than when we saw them last month." Wednesday is our two month anniversary but the wedding and honeymoon seem like so long ago, the fact that it's only two months is surprising. It is weird that we are already in mid-October, but my hunt for stable employment and Ped's job keeps him so busy that we almost want to fast forward things to be where we want (me with a routine job and Ped with some time for research).

However, we do experience the "how is time going so fast?" epidemic every week. Ours is not by how quickly our kids go through school or get big; it's not by how close Christmas is or how little time left we have to shop; and it's not measured by our time being married.

We realize time is going so fast because of trash day. Seriously! We take the trash out on Tuesday night, take the cans back in on Wednesday, then I blink and it's freaking trash day again!!!! How is that even possible???? I actually feel like my life is getting measured by the amount of times I take that trip back and forth from the end of the driveway. By my count, I'm actually 47 years old and not 31.

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