Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lord Help Us All

Given my mood swing between yesterday and today, Lord help us all when I'm pregnant and the hormones kick in.

Let's start with how fabulous yesterday was:
1. I got up and worked out. As much as I hate exercise, I love the results - I want to eat better, I have more energy, the soreness is actually nice, the bowels start working right (gross but so true), etc.
2. 87/88 on my calculus exam. That's 99% people - 99%!!!!!!! Man I'm a freaking genius.
3. I didn't get my exam back from my math reasoning class. I'm praying for at least a 75 but not getting it back means more celebrating my 99%! Why? Cause I'm a genius until I get the other one back.
4. Ped got me chinese food for dinner. That's how you end a good day.

Fast forward to today:
1. Soreness made me sleep in.
2. Training module for new job (more on that later) took 2 hours instead of the 30 minutes I was expecting.
3. Computer battery is kaput. Need a new one.
4. Water coming out of the washing machine.
5. Work didn't need me today.
6. And then I ate the remaining chinese food before I remembered I was supposed to work out. I also need to clean our floor today which means working out won't be happening until at least this evening.

I want to sit on the couch in my penguin pjs and eat ice cream. All day. Yesterday was so good, and today just pooped on it.

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