Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's On Tonight?

Ped brought me something a couple weeks ago that confirmed that we are officially a happily married old couple. It was a list of season premieres for the TV shows we have come to watch, mostly together. Not a list of vineyards to visit, or bars that we have to try. Nope. TV shows that would require us to be home every evening by 8.

While I feel this is the time in our life that we should be out and doing things (Ped and I have actually discussed this feeling), I am just as excited about the idea of spending each evening with my husband and starting new seasons together. We have watched so many baseball games, tv shows, and news events together through phone calls that it's nice to be on the couch with him instead.

Done with the sap. Here's my synopsis so far:

I love this show. Everything about it. This season seems like it will be good. The premiere picked up in a seamless flow from last season which is great. When a season ends with a cliff hanger, please address it in the premiere and give me a conclusion. 'Preciate it. The writing is really good with keeping the relationships of the main characters in the forefront while keeping the audience focused on the crime and solving it. Hodgens is my favorite. Apparently I like dorky scientists. Who knew?

Sleepy Hollow
I find this show to be crappy. I've learned to enjoy fantasy and sci-fi shows but this one is a stretch. However, it's on Monday at 9 right between Bones and Castle. This is when I do my homework.

Very disappointed with this one. Castle is on for a few hours every afternoon and we have become a little intrigued with it when we're home. It's often in the background. Nathan Fillion is hilarious and totally owns the role. This premiere focused mostly on Beckett's new job, added a bunch of new characters and didn't have the same feeling as previous years. Plus her new partner is this lady who played a character on House who was one of the main reasons I did NOT watch that show. She just irks me and now she's Beckett's partner. New characters, new story line, and Beckett and Castle interact differently now that they're engaged. Eh.

It's on right now. I have no idea what's going to happen but it's same old characters, same old stories, same old funny one-liners. Man I love this show too!

Coming up this week:    Big Bang Theory, Glee, and Hawaii Five-O.
Next week:   Arrow and Tomorrow People

Don't think we're too boring or lazy. We only plan on watching the premieres then DVRing the series that we actually decide on watching. I can assure you that will be Bones, Big Bang Theory and Arrow.

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  1. I love Bones (Bobby will watch it half-heartedly if it's on) and we both love Big Bang Theory!!