Tuesday, September 3, 2013


My nickname has become somewhat of a conversation piece with my friends over the past few months. For about five years, many of my friends and colleagues have called me BT. I never really liked nicknames and often call my friends by their actual names even if everyone else does not. However, being called BT turned into a comfort for me; knowing someone is comfortable enough with you to call you by something other than your given name has this stupid cathartic, calming effect on me.

The discussions of late have been that I will now have to be called BD instead of BT due to my new last name. I think that sounds like a disease and would prefer not be called BD.

My proclamation is that my nickname will remain BT and everyone must still use it. Nicknames don't have to make sense and often stick around even when the story behind the nickname has long passed by.  So there it is - just call me BT. Or Bethany. Or Mrs. Daneshgar. But don't call me BD>

I'll be documenting the honeymoon and starting school at some point, but you know...priorities.

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