Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wedding Prep Countdown (Warning: men, read at your own risk)

Total. Nervous. Breakdown.

Last night was exactly 5 days before the wedding and I had one holy heck of a meltdown. My family and fiance have been rock stars with the planning, and they are doing their best to keep me on track yet calm. The weight of the world got to me last night though and there was just one question too many. After trying to create an amazing ceremony program that will end up in the trash after it's over, I cried uncontrollably for 2 hours. I even attempted to reach out to Ped who was being treated to a night out by his guy friends. He really did try his best to calm me down, but his mental capacity after a few drinks included throwing in comments like "nerd farts" to get me to laugh. I just wasn't in the mood. (In his defense, he also said things like " I love you" and "we'll get things done together when I get home".)

After finally falling asleep at 2am, I was woken to a tornado warning at 7am. Awesome. Needless to say, I'm a useless pile of bride today but I have a million things to do if I want everything done by tomorrow as planned.

First on the list - waxing appointment. I won't go into too much detail (though a few people received some pretty randy texts during the process as I tried to distract myself. It included words like tweezers, hooha, and russian surrounded by some other not so nice words. Sorry Kim, Tina, Megan, and Jess.) However, for those of you who have never had the pleasure, a few notes:
- the numbing cream is a crock.
- when the spa suggests the Brazilian instead, stand strong. I know you hate making decisions at this point and just want someone else to tell you what to do. But stand strong woman! Do not be duped! I was.
- as you walk out the door, everyone behind the counter now knows what you look like "down there". Vulnerability at its best.

The rest of the day includes picking up my dress, picking up the guys stuff at the cleaners, finishing the program every one will throw away, putting together welcome bags and gift bags, and finishing the favors. Ped gets here tonight and I just pray that my bridal meltdowns begin to ebb as everything gets finished so I can enjoy the next few days.

As much as I was concerned about a job search, new classes, and learning how to maintain a house, routine is looking pretty good these days. Oh and shaving.

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